Hours of Operation: 8AM-5PM
Open Season: Mon-Sat; Late May thru July


Nothing is more southern than Purple Hull Peas. And you can prepare them more ways than there are peas in a peck! Over the past three decades we have selected only the best varieties to offer our customers. Peas are sold by the pound or bushel.

About Our Peas

The best part about our peas is you can also purchase them already shelled and ready for your kitchen. Your peas will be shelled and free of all trash. Our shelling line never mashes a pea!

In addition to Purple Hulls, we also offer Cream and Crowder type peas and fresh Pinto beans.

Get them fresh, get them shelled and get them home for your family!

Freezing Your Peas

In order to enjoy your peas all year long you may want to freeze them. We recommend that you blanch your peas in boiling water before freezing. This will stop the action of naturally occurring enzymes that ripen and spoil food. Your peas are fresh shelled and have not been washed at the farm.

  • In your clean kitchen sink, pour in the peas and fill with water, remove any floating trash, rinse, drain.
  • In a large pot, bring water to rapid boil.
  • Carefully add peas to boiling water and start timing.
  • At the 2 minute mark, remove the pot from heat, drain off water and immediately cool peas with cold tap water. This step is important in that it keeps the peas from cooking.

Once cool, drain all water. Remove as much water as possible. Your peas may now be packed in freezer bags. Size them to fit you needs. Learn more about freezing your peas here.