Hours of Operation: 8AM-5PM
Open Season: Mon-Sat; Late May thru July

Peas FAQs

Q:  Do I need to call ahead to order shelled peas?

A:  No.  Once our pea shelling season begins we should have plenty of shelled peas each day.

Q:  What kind of peas do you grow?

A:  We grow several types and varieties.  Our main type is the Pinkeye Purple Hull.  This is our most popular pea.  We offer several varieties of Pinkeyes which spreads our harvest over June and July.  We also offer Brown Crowder and Cream Peas.  We also have shelled butterbeans and pinto beans.

Q:  Do I have to buy a whole bushel?

A:  No, not at all.  You may purchase any of our peas by the bushel or by the pound.

Q:  Can I buy all peas shelled?

A:  Well, that depends.  Once the pea season begins, we will have shelled Pinkeyes each and every day.  Some of the other types are only available at random times already shelled.

Q:  What quantity of shelled peas can I buy?

A:  Shelled peas can be purchased by the “bushel” which is about 10 plus pounds or we also offer a small 1.5 pound bag which is just enough for a meal.  Really easy!

Q:  Can I can?

A:  Sure, but freezing your fresh peas is also a good option.

Q:  How do I freeze my peas?

A:  It’s actually very easy.  Basically it is a 3 step process:  wash and clean, blanch and cool, bag and freeze.  Here are the details.

Q:  How long will frozen peas last?

A:  If properly blanched and frozen, upwards to 2 years frozen is no problem.

Q:  How many pounds is a bushel of peas?

A:  A bushel is a measure of volume but usually peas will weigh between 20 and 26 pounds.  And by the way, 1 Bushel = 4 Pecks.

Q:  How should I store my peas before I use them?

A:  Peas in the shell can keep for several days at room temperature, the cooler the better.  If your peas have been shelled, they need to be refrigerated as soon as possible.  Air conditioning for the ride home is no problem, a cooler with ice is best.  Remove your peas from the plastic bag as soon as possible.  As always, the sooner you use or freeze your fresh produce the better.