Hours of Operation: 8AM-5PM
Open Season: Mon-Sat; Late May thru July


Congratulations! You have done a great thing.

If you shopped with us this season, thank you. Your support of what we do here on the farm is very much appreciated and it is this support that allows us, year after year, to continue to grow the finest and freshest produce in our area.

If you did not shop with us, perhaps you have only heard about us, then we look forward to seeing you in late May next season.

We are blessed to have some the most dedicated and hardworking staff who strive daily to grow, harvest and prepare all the fruits and vegetables you see here on this farm. Our sales season is very short, being from late May to the end of July.  In this brief time, there is a wonderful and miraculous race against time, the elements and all with that Mother Nature tests us. This season was no exception.

It is our hope your family enjoyed the tomatoes, peaches and other goodies from our farm or that on some cold winter day, you turn your now frozen purple hull peas into a delicious, bubbling pot of southern comfort.

Thanks again and we will see you all in May of 2022.