Hours of Operation: 8AM-5PM
Open Season: Mon-Sat; Late May thru July

You’ll have to provide the boots but we have all the veggies ready now!

In harvest now are:  vine ripe tomatoes, heirloom and specialty tomatoes, okra, pinto beans, snap beans, yellow & zuccinni squash, onions, mustard, turnips, brussell sprouts, beets, carrots, blueberries, crowder peas, cream peas, purple hull peas, watermelons, cushaw, cantaloupe, cucumbers, freestone peaches, cabbage, sweetcorn, acorn squash, and much more.

Many items are available in bulk such as pecks or half bushels.

Shelled peas are now available but supply is limited today due to weather issues but all other crops are in good supply.

So put on your fancy boots and come to the farm and see what’s growing!

We are here and picking just for you, rain or shine!