Hours of Operation: 8AM-5PM
Open Season: Mon-Sat; Late May thru July

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Fresh Fruits & Vegetables
Under Our Grand Oak

Ed Lester Farms is an outdoor farmer’s market located right on the bank of the west bank of the Red River. Under the shade of our stately grand oak you will feel the cool summer breeze as you peruse through our beautiful selection of fresh picked fruits and vegetables.

Produce arrives from the fields beginning around 8 am and typically remains in supply until closing time at 5 pm. Because of our relationship with Mother Nature, our selection of crops changes over the summer season. Cooler season crops such as lettuce and broccoli will give way to warmer season crops like okra, melons, and purple hull peas.

Tips For Your Trip

Bulk Buyers

Needing to buy in large quantities?
No problem! Our staff is happy to help
you with all your purchases.

What to Bring

You don’t need to bring a thing. If you will be transporting your fresh veggies for a long distance you may wish to bring an ice chest.  We do offer thermal bags which work nicely for our shell peas and other more delicate produce.  But your air conditioned car will be just fine for the short haul.

Pay How You Want

We accept checks, Louisiana Purchase
cards, and Senior Citizens Nutrition
Program Coupons, as well as all
major credit cards.

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Latest News

Ready Now: Peas and Tomatoes!

Our wonderful vine ripe tomatoes are now beginning to come into harvest here at the farm.  Theses beauties are available by the pound right now and soon will be available by the box.  In addition to our regular red tomatoes, we also have several special and heirloom varities.

Purple hull peas are also now ready and can be purchase in the shell or shelled and ready for your kitchen.  What could be easier?  Shelled peas are available by the bushel or small bag for just a “mess”.

We also have many new crops coming into harvest such as peppers, blueberries and… brussel sprouts!  Yes, brussel sprouts!  Lots more too and more to come as summer continues.

Ready Now – Sweet Corn!

Beautiful Yellow Sweet Corn is ready now at Ed Lester Farms.  This is the first crop of corn for this season and is really pretty.  As always, it is available by the ear or by the bushel.

Sweet Corn arrives from our fields each morning about 8:30.

Up Next…Delicious Sweet Corn!

Our wonderful Sweet Corn will be ready later this week.  You can purchase it by the ear or by the bushel.  This season we will have both yellow and bi-color (yellow & white) varieties.  Enjoy one of the best things of Summer…fresh Sweeet Corn!

Also this week, we will have a new “digging” of red irish potatoes.  These New Potatoes, as we Southerners like to call them, are available by the pound or bushel.  Just Delightful.